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We want to make sure we are providing quality products to our costumers for an accessible price. We have tested products many times and now we are happy with the quality that we have right now, starting from our lip glosses to our eyeshadow palettes. 

We strive every day to be different and unique, that's one of our main goals, we want our costumers to see and get makeup products that they haven't seen or had before. Our products are practical, convenient and fun to use with.

We have always been a fan of Japanese popular culture like comics and anime, also love the kawaii aesthetic concept, the pink colors and all the cuteness that this style has.

We always thought there was not enough anime representation in the makeup industry. We wanted to change that, AiSuri was born from the things we wanted to see and get for ourselves from this industry. Started as an idea, a dream that became bigger and bigger with time .