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KiraKira Liquid Eyeshadows

Sparkle and shine!

Our New Liquid Eyeshadows are a LID topper that brings the effect of sparkling stars to your eyes. Packed with reflective particles that instantly add that 'OMG!' factor to your makeup. The lightweight, zero-fallout formula dries to a smudge-proof, crease-proof finish that lasts and lasts. Can be worn on top of eyeshadow or over bare lids, cheeks & body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I made a tiktok of these
Yes ma'am!

So, I bought the oragne/bronze one and it's so so awesome! Easy application, can be subtle or not depending on how much you put on, and lasts all day!

Literally the best thing

If you had to get a single product from this shop, it would be those incredible eyeshadow.

I bought Green and Gold, and was gifted Purple. I will, 100%, buy the Pink and a double off the Green and Gold. They shimmer in a way that is unreal. They stay in place. The offer such amazing and unique effect.

The purple is almost a transparent, delicate shimmer.

The green has a holographic look and shine so bright, it's unreal.

The Gold is so warm and profond, and create a complete look with just this product.

An absolute must have!!!

Elyssa Hurst

I got the pink and WOW. It's extremely glittery and it layers well. I use it all the time now.

Liquid eyeshadow

The colors are amazing and so beautiful I love them. They layer really well to I've used them for multiple makeup looks